Voluntary sector funding 2018 - 2019

The Borough Council of Wellingborough is reviewing the strategic services it funds through the voluntary sector after the current contractual arrangements end on 31 March 2018. We want to engage the voluntary and community sector in reviewing local need and desired outcomes in an effort to improve the wellbeing of people who live and work in the borough.

Consideration should be taken to ensure the best value for money is achieved with the £150,000 - £200,000 of funding available for 2018-2019. The broad categories of support currently funded are listed below (with current contract holders).

* 1. Contact name/organisation:

* 2. To what extent do you agree these are still the main areas of need locally for borough council funding?

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agrees nor disagrees Disagree Strongly disagree
• Money management help to prevent people getting into debt (Citizens Advice)
• Help to apply for jobs and get back into work (Citizens Advice)
• Support services to voluntary sector organisations (NVCA)
• Community transport – Wellibus, Shopmobility and social outings (Shire Community Services)
• Community hubs providing affordable meeting space and community services in areas of need (Victoria Centre, Glamis Hall, WACA, Hemmingwell Community Centre)
• Equalities advice and victim support including hate crime (Northants Rights and Equalities Council)
• Counselling and advocacy services for vulnerable people (Teamwork Trust)

* 3. Please comment if you think the council should change the priorities for funding (e.g. state any unnecessary or additional priorities)

* 4. The council should concentrate its funding on 3 or 4 major priorities

* 5. The council should spread its funding thinner over a greater range of services

* 6. The council should encourage community hub/partnership approach, e.g. one or two overall contracts, with the expectation that organisations would share services, information etc. to deliver a range of outcomes between them

* 7. Council funding should focus on those in greatest need

* 8. Council funding should help the greatest number of people

* 9. Any further comments on considerations for voluntary sector funding?