This consultation will run from 17 July to 8 October 2017.

Havering Council is consulting on a draft Adult Social Care and Support Planning policy. The draft policy is designed to ensure:
  • the adult social care process in Havering is undertaken in a manner that is compliant with the Council’s duties under the Care Act 2014;
  • there are equitable outcomes and fairness in the provision of funded care and support;
  • sufficient and appropriate regard is given to individual circumstances and personal preference, as well as the resources available to the Council, when determining the value of an individual’s personal budget;
  • adult social care has a focus on prevention, improving and maintaining wellbeing, and equity;
  • assessments and care plans are integrated with healthcare services where people have health as well as social care needs.
The draft policy will help the Council to achieve these objectives by ensuring individual assessments, support plans and reviews, are undertaken in a consistent and transparent manner.

The purpose of the consultation is to ask people about the following aspects of the policy:
  1. Is the draft policy clear
  2. Is the draft policy open and transparent
  3. Is the draft policy sufficiently informative (i.e. does it provide people with enough information)
  4. Do people have any comments on the content of the policy
It is important to emphasise that this draft policy does not reflect a major change in our approach. It is designed to clarify and organise best practice in line with the Council’s existing duties under the Care Act 2014. We would welcome comments on the content of the policy to make sure it reflects the duties of the Council under the Act

The draft policy will have substantial influence on practice and decision making within the Council’s Adult Social Care services, and because of this we want to give people who receive adult social care (now and in the future), their carers, and advocates, every opportunity to influence the final version of the policy – we need your help to get it right!

You can find a common questions and answers sheet about the consultation here: FAQ document

You can find a copy of the draft Adult Social Care and Support Planning Policy here: draft Adult Social Care and Support Planning Policy

You can find an accessible version of the draft Adult Social Care and Support Planning Policy here: Easy Read draft Adult Social Care and Support Planning Policy 

If you want to give your views about the Easy Read version of the policy you can feedback your views here: Online questionnaire about the Easy Read policy.

If you want to give feedback about the full version of the policy please continue by clicking the NEXT at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively you can fill out a hard copy of the questionnaires on the consultations webpage using the link below and return it to:

Alan Grierson
Project Manager
Town Hall
Main Road
Romford, RM1 3BB

Consultation webpage