* 1. Thank you deciding to take part in this research study. The aim of our study is to find out more about the diagnosis of Endometriosis and how it affects women aged 16-25 years of age. The results from this study will remain anonymous and will be used as part of a research project. If you are happy with this, please select the box below. 

* 2. How old were you when you were diagnosed with endometriosis?

* 3. What is your age?

* 6. We want to know more about how endometriosis affects those aged 16-25 years old. Please list up to 10 features of endometriosis that affect you on a day to day basis. You can be a brief or as detailed as you like.

* 7. We want to know more about your endometriosis from the first time you sought help to eventually being diagnosed. Please can give details of your journey to being diagnosed? You can be a brief as you like or as detailed as you like.

* 8. What support, if any, did you get during your diagnosis?

* 9. Was there any other support that you were offered, but decided not to take up?

* 10. Can you suggest any other support services that women with Endometriosis may benefit from? Please describe your answer further in the box below.