The school wants to improve the quality of learning opportunities and teaching in the Sixth Form and you can greatly help the process by completing this survey.
The questionnaire applies to just ONE of your subjects/courses.  Please complete the same process for each of the other courses you study on a separate online form.  If you are taught by more than one teacher for the subject you can use a separate online form if you wish.
This survey is anonymous.  No-one will be able to identify you from your questionnaire. 

* 1. What is your year of study?

* 3. How many teachers are you taught by in this subject?

* 4. The information and career advice provided before the start of my course about the subject was clear and accurate.

* 5. I was given a synopsis (summary outline) of the subject content and method of assessment at the beginning of the course

* 6. I was given a timeline (order of teaching topics) at the beginning of the course

* 7. The lessons are well planned

* 8. The lessons are interesting

* 9. The course is well structured and I am able to follow through the sequence of lessons

* 10. There is a good balance of learning and teaching methods used in the subject

* 11. The learning materials used in the module (e.g. handouts, AV aids, e-learning) are good.

* 12. Wherever possible, the teacher creates good opportunities to make use of ICT in the learning process

* 13. I am encouraged to actively participate during lessons

* 14. The workload of the homework assignments is manageable

* 15. The homework assignments are appropriate and challenging

* 16. The feedback (e.g. marking, teacher comments) given on my assignments is provided in a reasonable time

* 17. I find the feedback (e.g. marking, teacher comments, etc.) on my assignments is helpful for my studies

* 18. The teacher is approachable and helpful

* 19. The teacher seems to have expert subject knowledge

* 20. The teacher appears passionate about their subject and is enthusiastic

* 21. I would recommend this subject to a friend

* 22. If you have any other comments not covered by the questions above please make them here.