* 1. Please select your work or educational status

* 2. What things are important to you as a young person living in Wirral? Please select as many as you want.

* 3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how safe do you feel in your local area? (1 being 'very unsafe' and 10 being 'very safe').

* 4. If you can, please give some reasons for your answer:

* 5. Do you feel you have anyone you can talk to if you needed support?

* 6. If you answered yes, who would you go to for support?

* 7. Are you or have you received any support from the following? Select as many as you want.

* 8. If you have received support, is there any way in could be improved? Please explain your answer.

* 9. If you have not had any support from any of the above, what would be needed to make sure you get the help you need? Please explain your answer.

* 10. How can Wirral Council staff develop their approach towards the young people they work with? Please select your top 10.

* 11. Can you suggest any other ways that staff can improve how they work with young people?

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* 12. Address

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