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This survey will close on 14 June 2017 (extended due to the election).

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* 1. Your contact details (you do not have to give your name or contact details if you would prefer to remain anonymous)

* 2. Strategic priorities: what should the key priorities for the Commission be over the next three years? For example, this year’s priorities are to:
  • empower and protect consumers
  • raise standards across all gambling sectors
  • build partnerships and understanding
  • ensure fair play on the National Lottery
  • improve regulation.

* 3. Regulatory approach/innovation: how can we encourage innovative ways of meeting the outcomes of keeping gambling safe, fair and free from crime?

* 4. Industry approach to data and technology: how can we support the industry to ensure that data and technology is used to protect as well as promote?

* 5. Commission approach to data and technology: are there ways in which we should improve how we collect, use or apply data? How can we do more to harness technology for regulatory purposes?

* 6. Over the next three years, what should we do more of, stop doing or start doing in order to have the greatest impact?

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