Between the Ears Project

Our 'Between the Ears' Project (a collaboration between Kaleidoscope Enterprise and Talk-in-Herts Counselling Services, third sector organisations) aims to provide inclusive, creative and therapeutic groups for profoundly deaf people, those experiencing hearing loss, as well as their hearing families/carers.    

In order to establish basic information about the needs and demand for supportive activities/services by people experiencing hearing loss in Welwyn Hatfield and neighbouring areas, we invite you to complete this brief survey.   Closing date:  30th April 2017. Many thanks.

* 1. About You

* 2. Your Needs

* 3. Social environment / services - How do you cope with your problem in social or business situations?

* 4. Social environment / services

* 5. Social environment / services - Does your hearing affect your work performance or hold you back in any way?   If so, how?

* 6. Social environment / services - Has your hearing problem affected your participation in physical activity?  If so, how?

* 7. Social environment / services - Has your hearing loss had an impact on your wider health? e.g. Stress, anxiety, depression

* 8. Social environment / services - Have you sought advice/assistance for your problem?  Yes / No?

* 9. Social environment / services - Which services/organisations have you sought help / advice from?

* 10. Social environment / services - What other service/advice/help would empower your hearing situation?