PTA Survey

PTA Survey

* 1. Are you aware there is PTA at Conisborough

* 2. How involved have you been with a parent group(s) at your child's school?

* 3. Do you think you will be alright to meet and discuss how you can support the school to best support your
child's learning.

* 4. Do you believe that strong and positive parental involvement will have a positive impact on learning.

* 5. How often do you use the school's website to communicate with other parents with children at this school?

* 6. How do you feel about committing to the school PTA

* 7. Are you familiar with parent space on the school website

* 8. Are you willing to work with the school to positively impact our pupils journey.

* 9. Will you like to be a committed member of the PTA at Conisborough College

* 10. Would you like to sign up to become an active member of the PTA at Conisborough College.