EIF is seeking to better understand the local context for parental conflict support, and what this means for evidence use.  We are also seeking to identify and work with a small number of local areas to accelerate the progress of their local RPC programme this year.

Our survey is addressed to local authorities and should be completed by the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for the RPC Programme, or a colleague who has a good overview of the local authority’s strategic plans for reducing parental conflict and improving outcomes for children.

To complete the survey, please fill in this registration form. This will allow us to send you a personalised link to the survey. Please note that with the personalised link you will be able to complete a portion of a survey and return later to finish the rest.

We expect the survey to take around 20 minutes to complete, please only submit one entry only per local authority. The deadline for the survey is Sunday 20th June.