Transition Linlithgow Survey - Gathering local opinions on Solar Energy

Thank you for participating in our short survey about Solar energy. In this survey we will ask questions on 4 broad themes.
1. Your overall views of solar energy
2. Your views on how and where we should develop local solar systems.
3. Your views on a specific proposal we have to form a Community Benefit Society (similar to a co-operative society) to support local investment in large and small arrays and to help those who need help to reduce fuel bills within our neighbourhood.
4. Questions about you to help us understand your personal situation.

For those that share their personal contact details with us, they will be entered into a prize draw. One lucky person will win £50 to spend locally. Trustees of Transition Linlithgow are excluded from the prize-draw. You do not have to support Solar energy to participate. We welcome all views.

The output of this survey will be summarised and reported back to the community via our website, social media and if possible in the local town magazine.

* 1. Do you support the idea of more solar energy in Linlithgow?

This includes on home roofs, businesses, council buildings, other buildings and in suitable land.

* 2. Which approach would you support as the best option to increase solar energy generation here in Linlithgow?

* 3. Where do you think solar is appropriate to install? (please tick ALL that apply)

* 4. If there was a Community Benefit Society setup to accept investment, to install solar systems and to lead on energy conservation and support for those most in need. Would you... (tick all that apply)

* 5. Thinking of your own personal situation, which of the following are TRUE. ( Please tick all that apply ).

* 6. On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is NOT important and 5 is VERY important, How important would it be to re-invest any surplus funds into helping vulnerable people struggling with their energy bills?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 7. Have you any other comments to make, something that might be relevant?

* 8. What type of property do you live in?

* 9. What is your age?

* 10. Lastly, please tell us if you wish to be part of the prize draw and/or added to mailing lists or membership of Transition Linlithgow. Tick any that apply, but please make sure you include your contact details if you wish to be part of the prize draw.

Your answers provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will deleted once the survey is complete. We will not forward your information or answered onto any other organisation.

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