The Parish of Greasley covers the communities of Giltbrook, Newthorpe, including Newthorpe Grange, Moorgreen and Watnall and the surrounding Green Belt land.

A Neighbourhood Plan for Greasley is being created to influence the future planning decisions with regard to housing, employment, transport, industry, leisure and the environment.

Without a Neighbourhood Plan the Borough Council will continue to decide what happens in Greasley but without an input from the Parish Council and the residents.

We want to hear what is important to you about the community you live in;

- please take part.

Copies of the plan document will be available to study at the Greasley Sports and Community Centre on Dovecote Road.

It will also be posted on the Parish Council website where you will also find a link to our online survey.

The consultation period runs from Monday 17th April to Monday 29th May 2017.

Consultation Events:

·        The Cared For Nursery, Smithurst Road – Tuesday 9th May, 6pm-8pm

·        Watnall Womens Institute Hall, Main Road, Watnall – Thursday 11th May, 5pm-8pm.

·        Greasley Sports and Community Centre Dovecote Road - Saturday 13th May, 10am -12pm in the Parish Hall.   

·        The Forrester’s Arms, Main Street, Newthorpe – Tuesday 16th May, 6pm-8pm.

Housing and the built environment
There is a need to accommodate new housing in Greasley over the next 15 years.  The question is where do we build the homes?

* 1. Please tick which of the following options you would prefer to see developed:

Broxtowe Borough Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) includes other sites that are brownfield and we feel development on these sites should be encouraged before Greenbelt development.

* 2. Do you feel that this is the right strategy?

Transport and traffic.
To seek improved circulation within and through the Parish for all road users, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Also to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the public footpath network.
Studies have been undertaken on behalf of Nottingham Express Transit to investigate the feasibility of extending the existing tram network from the present terminus at Phoenix Park through Watnall and Kimberley to terminate at Giltbrook Retail Park in Greasley.  The proposals also envisage provision of a park and ride facility situated on the south-east quadrant of the A610 Giltbrook junction with road access via Gin Close Way, the route leading to Awsworth and Ilkeston.

The Parish Council has an open mind on these proposals and awaits the emergence of further details and clarifications before arriving at a settled view on whether to support or oppose the finally determined scheme.

* 3. Please give your views below:

Business and employment.
The current business and employment sites are in Moorgreen (former colliery site), Giltbrook Retail Park and Giltway, Watnall (Main Road and Common Lane) and small retail and industrial sites between the A610 and the Awsworth by-pass.

We seek to maintain local businesses, both large and small, and employment opportunities within the Parish for manufacturing, services and retail.

* 4. Is this the correct line to take?

Open Space and Recreation.
We aim to protect the Greenbelt within Greasley and protect its boundaries. To work with the Borough Council to preserve and protect the greenbelt and to enhance currently designated open spaces.

* 5. Do you support this policy?

Community Facilities.
Seek to maintain and enhance those facilities such as the Sports and Community Centre, Dovecote Road as well as encouraging the development of other facilities such as schools and play areas.

* 6. Do you agree with this policy and outlook?

This plan is designed to give the Parish Council and its residents more control in the future of how the Parish will evolve. It needs to take into account the needs of the individual communities and gives all residents a say on the direction of their community and in the Parish as a whole.

The area that cannot speak for itself is the Greenbelt that is larger than the developed area, it is paramount in keeping the rural nature of Greasley.

* 7. Please provide your details below.

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