Understanding CPD and its potential – what are the contributions of subject specific and generic CPD now and how can they be enhanced?

This short research project is designed to help the Wellcome Foundation consider further its support for developing the scientists and mathematicians of the future. It involves integrating evidence about current CPD practice across the UK with evidence from national international evidence.

We will be exploring how schools are helping teachers contextualise CPD for specific subjects and probing differences in effective CPD processes for science, maths and English that emerged in Developing Great Teaching. We will also compare UK   approaches with those in high performing PISA countries.

The “Developing Great Teaching” review (Cordingley et al 2015) team is achieving by:

-        Capitalising on a series of existing data sets

-        Mining  the Developing Great Teaching review and

-        Analysing a recent survey  of teachers and leaders

-        Carrying out  phone interviews with CPD and or school improvements leaders in primary and secondary schools

If you lead CPD, research or school improvement in a school, please consider volunteering to take part in the interviews either before the end of term, during the holidays or at the start of the next term.

The 45 minute interviews will help you think about how you integrate CPD and school improvement, help teachers contextualise generic CPD and your plans for further development. It will be carried by expert researchers with extensive experience of CPD and school improvement.
Please fill in your preferred contact information below.

Alternately, contact marc.quinn@curee.co.uk (02476 524036 ext: 211) if you are willing to contribute to this important research.

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