CVHS Year 10 Student Voice

Welcome to Year 10 Student Voice.  We are keen to know what you think about learning here at CVHS - and how you think we could make it even better!

* 1. My name is:

* 3. Tell us what you feel about being a student at CVHS

  Strongly agree /mostly / usually Agree / mostly / usually Disagree Strongly disagree Don't know
I enjoy school
I feel safe when I am at school
I learn a lot in lessons
Behaviour is good at my school
School staff care about me
School staff are interested in my views
Home Learning activities are worthwhile and support my learning
School staff deal well with bullying and sort out any problems
I know how well I am doing at school
Staff explain to me how to improve my work
I have settled in well to my GCSE courses
The school helps me to be healthy
The Principal and senior staff in my school do a good job

I would recommend CVHS to other pupils
Extra-curricular activities broaden my interests / hobbies

* 4. What is the best thing about CVHS?

* 5. What would you improve about CVHS if you could?

* 6. Have you any further comments to make or questions to ask?