About waiting times and targets

NHS England is currently reviewing its waiting times targets. It is likely that it will propose changes to how they work.

The NHS has several waiting time targets:
  • 95% of people who present at an Accident and Emergency department (A&E) should be treated or admitted within four hours
  • 92% of people who need planned, non-urgent treatment (including surgery) should get it within 18 weeks of first being referred for treatment by their GP
  • 75% of people who need mental health therapy should get it within six weeks of being referred
  • 85% of people who need treatment for cancer should get it within 62 days of an urgent referral by their GP.

This survey asks for your views on NHS waiting time targets.

Because health policy is devolved, the information above only applies to England, and we are asking for the views and experiences of people in England.