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Dear St. John Fisher Parishioner,

Let us praise the Lord for the opportunity of coming together at our beautiful church after four months of lock down.

Bear in mind that the Bishops Conference of England and Wales still says Sunday Mass is not obligatory at this time, but for those who wish to come, I will be putting on three Masses on Saturday and Sunday at our normal Mass times.

I will be strictly following all the guidance being offered by both the Government and the Diocese. This is for the safety of all who visit our church. There will be Stewards to assist with access and seating at the church. Please listen to their directions.

Our protocol for opening the church for public worship limits the number of people who can attend each Mass.

I wish to try to assess the number of people coming for each Mass this weekend, so can I ask you to select your preferred Mass and press the button (remember to press once for every member of your household who is coming!).

The options are limited to the allowable number so if you cannot press the button it means that that Mass is over-subscribed, so please choose another.

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