In association with PARIMA, StrategicRISK is working on its annual benchmark report exploring the risk management priorities for Asia-Pacific's largest corporates. To assist us with this important work, we'd be grateful if you would spend 10 minutes completing the following survey.  All answers are provided anonymously. We will not share individual responses with anyone and will only publish overall correlated responses. 

As in previous years, the report will seek to identify the top concerns of risk professionals and explore the effectiveness of controls.  Using more than five years’ worth of historical data we will explore how the risk landscape is changing.

We will be publishing the findings in an interactive report in late 2021.  We hope this provides a useful tool allowing you to benchmark your approach and view of risk to that of your peers in the region. 

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about the survey please email helen.yates@nqsm.com