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The Duffield Action Plan is put together by the Parish Council in consultation with Duffield residents and decides the Council's priorities for improvements to be made in the village.

It is a five-year plan and was last updated in 2015; the Parish Council is therefore refreshing the Plan in 2020 and is consulting with residents to find out their views in a number of ways, including a consultation event to be held on the 1st Feb at the Weston Centre between 1pm and 4pm.

This survey has been put together for Duffield residents who might not be able to attend the consultation event but would like to put their views across. The questions are open-ended to get you thinking about what improvements to facilities and services you might like to see – if you don’t have any suggestions please leave the question blank and move on to the next one.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.

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* 1. Traffic Management

What improvements to traffic and transport in the village would you like to see? (some examples – Parking in the centre of the village; traffic management outside schools; speed controls on Town Street; improvements to bus shelters)

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* 2. Elderly and Isolated people

What improvements could the Parish Council make to improve the lives of the elderly and isolated people in the Village? (examples: extra events/lunches at the Weston Centre; large print leaflets; dedicated local community support)

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* 3. Community and culture

Recreational facilities – What would you like to see added in the village to improve the facilities for young people and adults? (examples: Trim trail; skate park; zip wire)

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* 4. Community and culture

What events would you like to see take place in the village? (examples: Christmas markets; outdoor theatre; food events)

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* 5. Environment

The Parish Council has agreed to support Plastic Free Duffield, reducing the amount of throwaway, single use plastics we use and supporting the Plastic Free Duffield campaign group to help other local businesses take part.

Do you have any other suggestions for improvements the Parish Council could make to help with green issues? (examples: recycling facilities; facilities to encourage cycling in the village; improvements to footpaths/pavements to encourage walking)

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* 6. Parish facilities

Previous Action Plan consultation has pointed to two ‘most wanted’ facilities in the village centre – more car parking, and public toilets.

The Parish Council has considered various options, but the cost of installing and maintaining these facilities is high; equally challenging is the matter of where such facilities could be located.

Please tick if you agree with any or all of the following statements:

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* 7. Parish Facilities

Are there any other Parish Council facilities (excluding public toilets and car parking) that you would like to see provided in the village?

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* 8. Open Spaces

What improvements could we make to the public open spaces of Eyes Meadow/Millennium Meadow and Gray Recreation Ground? (examples: add wildflower areas; improvements to car parks; lighting; more bins)

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* 9. Please select a theme and enter your email address in the box below if you would like to receive more information about joining a working group for any of the Action Plan themes listed below: (please note your email address will not be used for any other purpose)

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