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* 1. SEAS 2 Grow is an Interreg 2 Seas Project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It aims to provide new tools, methods and services that accelerate the delivery of technological and social innovations for elderly people across England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. This shall be for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders in this “Silver Economy”, including companies, local authorities, housing, health and care institutions, and elderly people and their friends and family.

As a key stakeholder of the Silver Economy, we invite you to complete this survey. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. It has 2 important purposes that could benefit you:
  1. To inform the design and delivery of the tools and services that we are building to support Silver Economy actors. You will read what the exact benefits that these services and tools could be for you once you have indicated on the next page what type of Silver Economy stakeholder you are.
  2. If you work for an organisation or company, and if you wish to opt in to publicise your participation in the Silver Economy, your information will be plotted on our online Silver Economy ecosystem map. This could help to raise your profile as an organisation interested to benefit from future Silver Economy activities.
We hope you see the benefit to completing this survey. We would be delighted to send you a summary of the results of this survey, for your interest.

We thank you in advance for your contribution to this important project.

Definitions for the purpose of SEAS 2 Grow project
Silver Economy Sector focusing on providing the aged population with products or services that improve their quality of life and support their independence
Innovation A new product that has the potential to bring significant improvement to the quality of life and/or independent of an elderly person. For the purposes of the SEAS 2 Grow project, the products of initial interest are limited to:
  • Health and care
  • Food
  • Household and personal equipment
Supply actor Companies responsible for developing and/or supplying innovative products
Demand actor Individual, company or organisation using, commissioning or purchasing innovations. This should include:
  • Housing, health and care providers
  • Local government organisations, including Local Authorities
  • Elderly people and their friends and family
Intermediary actor Individual or organisation supporting the development of the Silver Economy sector, such as regional development agencies, clusters, industry bodies, funders

If you work for a Silver Economy organisation or business, please write the name of your organisation or business only. If you are an individual, please write your name.