What would you like to see?

The CRESTA Fatigue Health Champion are a group of volunteers who all suffer from fatigue. The idea is that we help each other, to share about and improve the experience of coping with fatigue.

We would like to find out if there is something that you, as a fellow fatigue sufferer would find useful and helpful. We have varying energy levels ourselves and want to make sure what we offer is beneficial.

We have been hosting informal socials for about a year but we often don’t get many turn up. Re-named now as ‘Cuppa and Chat’, are they what people want?

So what else would you like to see?

* 1. A Facebook page with supportive messages and news stories

* 2. A Facebook community page where we could chat to and support each other?

* 3. Occasional get togethers on Saturdays in Newcastle for a cuppa and catch up

* 4. Webinars on other peoples experiences and management strategies to help fatigue

* 5. Follow on physio/ pilates classes form Victoria Strassheims CRESTA class ( note these would have to be paid for)

* 6. Have you been to one of our socials

* 7. Have you any other ideas, things you would like to see, e.g. sub groups for photography? choir? art?

* 8. Please feel free to add any other suggestions or comments here