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Transition is when a young person turns 18 years old, and the services you access change from children’s services to adult's services.


This means that if you had a children’s services Social Worker, or received support from another professional such as CAMHS, you may get support from adult services when you reach 18 instead. 


You may also have moved from secondary school to  a college, 6th form or onto an apprenticeship.


Your key professional may start to talk to you from the age of 14 when you are still in education


Your views and experiences are important in helping the Local Authority to improve the transitions process for young people.


Thank you for your time in completing this survey which will help us improve our processes within Bath & North East Somerset.


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If you need help completing this form you can get help from your educational setting, the SEND Team, The SEND Partnership Service, on any other adult who supports you.

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* 1. How old are you?

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* 2. Are you currently in education or training?

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* 3. If yes where are you currently studying?

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* 4. Do you currently have support from adult social services?

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* 5. Do you currently have support from any of the following:

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* 6. Transitions Process

Have you started to talk about your transition with a professional? (e.g Teacher, Tutor, Social Worker, SEND Practitioner)

(Please refer to the transitions process description to help you decide)

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* 7. Did you find the transitions process easy or difficult?

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* 8. Did you feel involved in the transitions process?

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* 9. Did you ever feel worried about the transitions process?

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* 10. Who has spoken to you about the “transitions” process?

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