Your views on future support for young people (including those under 25)

In September 2017 we are aiming to deliver new services for young people in Rooksdown.  To help us to do that we would like to hear as many views as possible about what is needed.  

By using the phrase "young people" we do mean both those people under 18 but also those under the age of 25.  So if you would like the project to offer something for you, or someone you know, then please let us know.

If you are viewing this on your phone, please be aware of data charges - it may be cheaper to connect to wifi or use a laptop/PC.

In order to be entered for the prize for a £20 Festival Place voucher you will need to enter your email address on completing the survey.  The survey will close at midnight on Monday 3rd July 2017.  A winner will be drawn and notified by email after that date.

Your responses to this survey will be treated confidentially and will not be used to identify individuals.

Thank you for your support

Rooksdown Community Association

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. How often do you come to the youth project in Rooksdown?

* 3. Which types of activity would you want the project to organise?

* 4. What would encourage people to attend the project?

* 5. What new things would you like to see at the Project?

* 6. If you chose different or better activities, tell us a bit more here?

* 7. If you were in charge of the Project, what one thing would you do?

* 8. Which days would be best for the Project to run?

* 9. If you are the parent/guardian of a young person would you be interested in attending the project?

* 10. Finally, in order to be entered into our prize draw for the Festival Place vouchers please enter your email address and mobile number below. Only completed surveys will be entered into the draw and we will notify the winner via email after Monday 3rd July 2017.