Thank you for taking part in our Top Dog Authors vote!

Top dogs on social media and in TV and film, therapy and service dogs and even four-legged celebrity companions are putting paw to paper and jotting out their memoirs for the rest of the dog-loving world to see. From sharing their adventures to guides on how to care for your human. Many are not only from the dog's perspective but often in their own 'voice'.

We'll be talking about some of the best sellers in our September issue but right now we want to hear from you which books you've read and who is your favourite canine author.


* 1. If your dog were to write a book which of the following would be true....

* 2. Which of these dog-y-fied versions of top sellers would your dog most likely write/read?

  Tail wagging a lot at the idea Sniffing it with slight interest Couldn't put it down but only because the glue tasted nice! Wouldn't even wee on it!
The Dog Vinci Code
50 Shades of Greyhound
Harry Potter and the Half-Bloodhound Prince
The Lovely (meaty) Bones
Bridget Bones Diary
Life of Chi(huahua)
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Dogs are from Pluto
White (Canine) Teeth
The Hunger Games (how to stuff a Kong)

* 3. Please name your favourite canine author (please tell us why) - i.e. a dog that has been credited with writing a book - For example Uggie, Pudsey, Worzel, Gizmo.....

* 4. Please name your favourite book by a canine author and tell us why?

* 5. Do you know of any books written from a dog's perspective but that acknowledge a human author? Tell us whether you enjoyed this book.