Tell use about Pokestops in your Neighborhood

Digital Citizenship advocates Marialice Curran and her son Curran are exploring the ways that Pokemon Go can be used in school and Education and have a Pokemon Go Homework Challenge

Ask student to write a description about local Pokestops. As well as sending these stories to the school to display at your school we  will also share these stories with the DigCit PLN and DigCit Kids and others in our network who subscribe to our Pokemon Go updates. 

* 1. What is the Pokestops Name?

* 3. When was the Pokestop created?

* 4. Who was the architect, designer or artist?

* 5. Why was the Pokestop created? (ie If it is a statue or artwork was it created to commemorate an event, If a building what was the building first used as?)

* 7. What did you know about the Pokestop before you researched the Pokestop?

* 8. What did you know about the Pokestop after you researched it?

* 9. Write the description that you’d like to see about the Pokestop on Pokemon Go

* 10. If you would like us to send updates about all the Pokestop descriptions that other schools and students are sending us as part of this DigCit Pokemon Go Homework Challenge, please fill out the details below