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Information Sheet for research into Workplace Spirituality

Purpose of research – This study is being performed to gather data in support of a Masters dissertation entitled:

 “Is the growth of workplace spirituality within organisational development being adopted by West Midland based manufacturing companies and, if so, what opportunities and challenges for spiritual growth does this present to a practising Christian?”

The dissertation is being carried out by myself, Joe Eardly, as part of a Masters Degree in Applied Catholic Theology at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham.


Details about the Maryvale Institute can be found here:


If you wish to confirm details about either myself or the research project then please contact my supervisor Dr. Keith Chappell (via Maryvale) or the MA Programme Director Dr. Stephen Yates at


Data usage and confidentiality. The data that will be obtained via this questionnaire is to be used for research purposes in the context of the aforementioned Masters dissertation. Your consent for the use of your data may be withdrawn by you, without having to give a reason, at any time up to and until the dissertation is submitted for marking which will be June 2020.


The records from this study will be kept as confidential as possible. Only my supervisor and I will have access to the files. The data you provide will be anonymised – your name will not be used in any reports or publications resulting from the study.  All digital files, transcripts and summaries will be given codes and stored separately from any names or other direct identification of participants. Any hard copies of research information will be kept in locked files at all times. This study has undergone ethics review in accordance with the Maryvale’s Research Ethics Policy and Procedure.


Limits to confidentiality. Confidentiality will be maintained as far as it is possible, unless you tell us something which implies that you or someone you mention might be in significant danger of harm and unable to act for themselves; in this case, we may have to inform the relevant agencies of this, but we would discuss this with you first.
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