This event is currently oversubscribed - I am looking into repeating the day. Please email me if you would like to attend a similar event on a different date. It would be useful for me to know when in the school year would be suitable weeks to run such an event.


phone: 01752 586872

Jenny Sharp 
Mathematics Enrichment Programme, Plymouth University

* 1. School Name

* 2. Correspondence regarding this year 10 event should be addressed to

* 3. All further corresondence will be by email - please give email address of contact

* 4. Number of students attending

* 5. Number of accompanying adults

* 6. Limited parking for cars and minibuses is available, if you need parking please request it on the understanding that it will need to be confirmed. Please give details of parking required i.e. minibus(es) or car(s). If you do not require parking it also helpful to know.

Many thanks - I will confirm that your application has been received. I will send out further information asking you to confirm numbers and provide student and adult names at the beginning of March.