Stow Volunteers

In partnership with several key partners across the town, Stowmarket Town Council are launching Stow Volunteers.  An initiative to raise the profile of volunteering within the town, and help our local groups support and retain their volunteers.  

Your feedback will help shape the future of this initiative! 

* 1. Name of Community Group or Voluntary Organisation?

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. How many active volunteers do you currently have?

* 4. How many vacant volunteer positions do you have?

* 5. What type of volunteer roles are currently available?

* 6. What are the main issues that stop you recruiting volunteers?

* 7. Would the provision of training for volunteers be beneficial to you?

* 8. Would you be interested in having your volunteer roles promoted throughout the town?

* 9. Would any of your volunteers like to participate in a campaign to raise the profile of volunteering within the town?

* 10. Would you like us to contact you with further information regarding Stow Volunteers?