Please answer the following questions quickly and intuitively. Thank you!

* 1. I would like to

  Yes No I'm fine as I am, thanks!
do more physical exercise
spend less time sitting down
lose weight
gain weight
take better care of my body generally
sleep more
sleep less
have more energy

* 2. I would like to drink

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
more water
less caffeine
less alcohol

* 3. I would like to eat

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
less sugar
fewer snacks
more healthily in general
less food late in the evening
breakfast every day

* 4. I would like to be better at

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
saying "no" to people
asking others for what I want and need
making time for myself
knowing what I think
reassuring and validating myself

* 5. I would like to

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
procrastinate less
be more focused and productive
have a greater sense of meaning in my life
have a calmer mind
feel more in control of life
have fewer mood swings
learn to be kinder to myself
have a more positive outlook
find it easier to relax
enjoy life more than I do
take life less seriously

* 6. I would like to

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
find it easier to ask to be paid appropriately for the work I do
earn more
spend less
be fully aware of my financial situation at all times, down to the last penny

* 7. I would like to spend more time

  Yes I'm fine as I am, thanks!
out in nature
with friends
with family
with a partner
with others who work in the same field as me

* 8. I would like to have

  Yes No I'm fine as I am, thanks!
a tidier home
fewer belongings
more belongings
a space where I find it easy to sleep
a space where I can concentrate and work effectively
somewhere to entertain friends and enjoy hanging out
a home for everything that I own 

* 9. Is there anything else that you think it might be helpful for us to know? If so, please say more here....

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