Being Human

We want to capture the views of how people are currently feeling about the attitude and culture demonstrated by In Control.

It will just be a few questions simply asking you to rate from 'good to bad'. Your response is completely anonymous.

Question Title

* How do you feel about the attitude and culture demonstrated by In Control:

What is your view of these 7 characteristics?

Be Human (Being treated as a person):
Do you feel valued as a person? (not feeling that you don't matter)
Be Kind (How you are treated):
Do people show you kindness even when things are difficult?
BeHave (Following legislation):
Do you feel things are done lawfully and morally?
Be Transparent (That the rules are clear):
You know what you can and can't expect.
Be Honest (keeping things real):
Do you feel they tell you the truth?
Be Trusting (Trusting you):
Do you feel they trust you?
Be Present (being engaged with people):
Do you get responded to when you make contact?
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