A Body of Words is a series of 4 self-contained storytelling modules for intermediate storytellers.

The aim of the A Body of words Storytelling Masterclass is to prepare the storyteller for performance in any situation, be it school, stage, festival or a small, intimate studio space. After the course the storyteller will be able to:

  • Play with, understand, and deepen their relationship with a story.
  • Understand about the pacing and rhythm of a story.
  • Understand how the use of music and song can enhance the telling of a story.
  • Prepare her/himself for a performance.
  • Use all aspects of the body and voice for delivering a story.
  • Freely inhabit the characters in her/his story.
  • Read and respond quickly to the audience they are telling to.

1. Please enter your full name & age.

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3. How did you learn about the course?

4. Although each module is self contained, it would be preferable for you to attend all four modules to complete the course. If this is not possible, then it is expected that you will attend a minimum of two. Please choose the ones you would like to attend.

5. Does Storytelling feature in your profession or daily life? If so how?

6. How long have you been telling stories?

7. Have you attended other storytelling courses?

8. Which specific aspects of your storytelling do you wish to develop?

9. Please explain why working with Jan Blake will enhance your work as a storyteller

10. Will you use this course to prepare for a specific storytelling performance?

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