This is your chance to have your say about the future of Weald.  We would like to hear from everyone about the best and worst things about living in, visiting and working in Weald and how you think we can make improvements and manage change.  We are also involving the children of the parish in separate exercises.

We’ve already started speaking to people about what they think is important and what we were told is the basis for this questionnaire.

What difference will this questionnaire make?

We are producing both a Village Design Statement (VDS) and a Parish Plan (PP). The VDS will set out what makes Weald special and what design features we want to preserve or enhance over the coming years. Its purpose is to help ensure that all new developments preserve the distinctive look of Weald. Our Parish Plan will build on this but will go beyond how we maintain the visual character of Weald to set out a vision for the future of the parish as a community and how this can be achieved. 

The thoughts and opinions you give us through this questionnaire will be used to write these two documents. You will be given a chance to comment on the drafts. They will then be submitted for adoption by Sevenoaks District Council as Supplementary Planning Documents to be used in assessing planning applications that affect our parish. They will also help the Parish Council prioritise their work over the coming years, as well as encouraging other initiatives in Weald.

 How do I fill in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire can be completed either on paper or here online. Everyone in the household may complete a separate copy of the questionnaire.   Paper forms can be found at the village shop.

The meaning of VDS and PP labels

‘VDS’ indicates a statement relating primarily to the Village Design Statement; ‘PP’ relates mainly to the Parish Plan. We recognise that there is overlap so VDS/PP applies to both.


9% of survey complete.