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Expression of Interest
Submission Deadline - 5pm 31 January 2022

Liverpool Community Mental Health Programme

Liverpool City Council (LCC) Public Health and The Life Rooms at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust have developed a pilot programme to offer a community based mental health prevention offer to support individual and communities post the COVID-19 pandemic. The pilot will operate for a twelve month period and will tackle risk factors for poor mental health, self harm and suicide as well as enhancing existing services to meet the needs of residents with low level mental health conditions.

The pilot will offer help and support for all ages and will be family orientated and has been funded and shaped in partnership with Liverpool City Council Public Health Department using fixed term funds allocated to Liverpool to help manage the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The programme will be evaluated and the findings will help inform future strategic and commissioning intentions.

The Life Rooms will participate in the pilot by providing:

• A peripatetic social prescribing service supported by over the phone and virtual provision.
• A learning provision operated by Life Rooms Learning Facilitators aimed specifically at children’s centre staff
• An employment support provision operated by Life Rooms Employment Advisors
• Research and evaluation of the pilot.
• A £700,000 fund to develop a series of micro-commissioned projects with VCSE organisations that are designed to support the outcomes of the Life Rooms Public Health Programme.

The Life Rooms VCSE Micro-Commissioning Programme

The Life Rooms VCSE Micro-Commissioning Programme aims to support and improve the health and wellbeing of local Liverpool residents by commissioning opportunities and activities with local VCSE organisations to address the health needs of their communities focusing on the following five priority areas:

1.    Parental mental health/wellbeing and resilience of families with children

2.    Social isolation/improved relationships (older adults and other vulnerable groups)

3.    Employability linked to direct pandemic impacts (e.g. furlough, business closures, health impacts preventing work)

4.    Physical activity to enhance mental health

5.    Marginalised groups – Refugee and Asylum Seeker health

A breakdown of the priority areas, eligibility and full information on the Commission can be found here.
Please note a successful applicant must be able to mobilise activity no later than 1 April 2022.

Question Title

* 1. Organisation Details

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* 2. Please provide information about your organisation's main and current activities with a focus on supporting the mental health needs of your community. Include details of your experience of working with public sector and VCSE partners. (max. 1000 words)

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* 3. Which of the five priority areas is your application seeking to support?

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* 4. Please outline your proposed project with a focus on detailing the value it will provide for the individuals and communities it is targeted towards and how your proposed project meet the needs of those in the priority area(s) you are wishing to work within.(max 1500 words)

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* 5. Please give a brief outline of expected costs. Do this by uploading a document which uses the below format.

Cost Type (Pay\Non-Pay)Post Name\ Item DescriptionQuantity NeededTotal Cost

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* 6. Outline how many beneficiaries are reached through the work you do at present and how many beneficiaries you anticipate will be reached by your proposed project.

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* 7. Bearing in mind the project must be mobilised no later than 1 April 2022, please outline how your organisation intends to deliver the proposed service. Include consideration of how a potential lockdown in relation to COVID-19 would impact delivery as well as detailing your experience of overcoming staffing challenges. (max. 1500 words)

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* 8. Outline how you will be engaging with smaller/grassroots organisations and how this will best benefit the work, the community and the organisations involved. (max 1000 words)

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* 9. Following the evaluation guidelines from Life Rooms, tell us how you will be designing and implementing your monitoring and evaluation activity. (max. 1000 words)

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* 10. Outline how you will continue to provide this activity once funding ceases? Please submit a detailed exit plan. (max. 1000 words)

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* 11. Please confirm you are able to provide full details of the following items if you are successful in the EOI stage. Please note you will be required to submit evidence of these in the full application.

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