Thank you for being part of this year's Wandsworth Artists' Open House (AOH). We would really appreciate your feedback on the event and will use it when we come to plan next year's event.

Please complete the short survey below by 9am 23 October 2017 so that we can be sure to include your comments in our forward planning.

* 1. What is your AOH map/listing number and area trail (if you don't know your area trail which area is your Open House in)

* 2. How many of these visitors... (actual number if possible, otherwise your best possible estimate)

* 3. About your sales:

* 4. Did anyone who came to AOH buy work from you at a later date?

* 5. Was this the first time you took part in Wandsworth Artists' Open House?

* 6. What visitor feedback did you receive? Any good quotes? Please write them below

* 7. What did you think of the marketing campaign?

  Excellent Good Average Poor Don't know
Website design
Fold out guide
Press coverage
Online marketing/social media

* 8. Were you involved with local trail activities?

* 9. Do you have any further comments about local trail activities?

* 10. Will you take part in AOH again?

* 11. What suggestions do you have for improvements next year?