Forging Our Future is a dynamic project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and run by the Bristol Disability Equality Forum.   

Forging Our Future is working in partnership with Bristol Museum Service to improve access at Bristol Museums, and to increase the representation of Disabled people in the museum collections.

Another part of the project is telling the as-yet untold story of the Disabled people’s movement in Bristol.  A group of Disabled young people have collected oral histories from activists, and we are working with Bristol Museum Service to develop an exhibition which will be at MShed in 2022.  The exhibition will be supported by a website that tells these stories in more detail.

We have some great material from our oral history interviews, and we want to add to this with photos, archives, or objects that may once have been connected to the story of Disabled activism in Bristol. 

Perhaps you have some papers, or a badge, or a leaflet advertising a meeting or a demonstration.  Perhaps you have some pictures of events.   Perhaps you have a box of mementos that tells part of the story of the activism.  Perhaps you think it’s not that interesting…It will be to us! 

We’d love to have anything that you might have.
If you don’t want to part with your items, we will be able to copy and return most things. 

We are looking for anything that has a good connection to Bristol, or to people who are or have been active in Bristol… or just have a good story attached to them. 

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* 1. Do you have anything that can contribute to telling the story of the Disabled people’s movement in Bristol?  It might be something from this list.  Please tick any of the items you might have.

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* 2. Bristol Museum Service want to expand their collections so they better represent Disabled people and Disabled people’s lives in Bristol.   
If you were putting together a collection about Disabled people’s lives in Bristol, what would you put in it?

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* 3. If you have any items for this project, please leave your name and contact details.  Thank you.

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