This survey is being undertaken to address a weakness identified in the Written Statement of action following the Local Area SEND Inspection in Essex in October 2019. It is being conducted by the Joint Commissioning Group., which is made up of key representatives across Education, Health, social care, and Essex Family Forum, which are responsible for SEND provision in Essex.  

Parent/carer feedback is a fundamental part of this. This survey will help the Joint Commissioning Group order to better understand families’ experiences and will inform the provision of future services, meaning improved outcomes of children and young people and their families going forward. 

“Equipment” for the purposes of this survey includes physical and medical equipment. 

Wheelchairs have been excluded from the initial phase of the equipment project since they are a very clearly defined commodity, with clearly defined pathways and providers. Additionally there is  system wide review of wheelchair provision is being undertaken in Mid and South Essex. Therefore, the initial focus of this review is on adaptive or physical equipment rather than devices i.e. orthotics, which come under “appliances”. 

Please be advised that this survey intended for residents that come under Essex County Council. Responses from residents in Thurrock or Southend will not be able to be considered as part of this review as these are independent unitary authorities not covered by Essex County Council.