Brooke Weston Trust is proposing changes to the Admissions Policy for 2023/24 and is seeking feedback from our stakeholders on the proposal.

The consultation will be running from Monday 8th November to midnight Sunday 19th December and we invite you to comment on the proposed plans via the feedback form below. You can also reply to the local authority’s admissions consultation process here.

At the end of the consultation period, the Trust and the academy governing bodies will meet to consider responses. The outcome of the consultation will be published on the school website as soon as possible following a decision being reached by the Board (as the admissions authority for Brooke Weston Trust).

A summary of the changes we are proposing can be found on our consultation webpage

Further information regarding proposed changes for Brooke Weston Academy's admissions criteria

There has been a growing demand for secondary school places in Corby over many years, and this demand is set to increase. While some schools in Corby have taken on ‘bulge’ years to accommodate this demand, and new schools have been built and are planned to be built in the future, the local authority’s projections show that this demand will continue to rise.

However, in the Kettering area, the number of available secondary school places is rising, including the growth of Kettering Science Academy, which is also part of our Trust, and the opening of a new Free School to be run by another Trust in the town.

Due to historical factors and demand for places at the time Brooke Weston Academy was opened, there has been a preference to allocate half of the school’s places to students from the Kettering area. In recent times, this has been a factor that has meant that some local families are unable to gain a school place at a local school, instead forcing them to travel outside the Corby area to Uppingham, Oundle and Kettering.

Following conversations with the local authority and listening to the concerns of local people who have not been able to gain a place at a local school, earlier this year the Trust and the school’s governors confirmed we would review the admissions policy for September 2023.

We are consulting on amending the Brooke Weston Academy’s admissions policy to remove the preference to admit students from the Kettering area to Brooke Weston Academy from September 2023, instead focusing on a comprehensive intake of students from the Corby community in the years ahead.

We understand that some families from Kettering might be disappointed by these proposed changes. However, we hope you will understand that the growing demand for additional school places in the Corby area means this review is essential.

As mentioned, we are inviting all stakeholders to provide their feedback and comments on the proposed changes below.

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