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Any personal information supplied will only be used for the purposes of maintaining this register and will only be disclosed to others strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The Council's Privacy Policy is available at www.cotswold.gov.uk/support/terms,-conditions-privacy/  The register will be reviewed each year and the information held will be anonymised.

The headline details will be made available on the Council’s website e.g. we will say that there are X number of households of Y size, seeking plots of serviced land in Z location.

Please fill in below as the lead applicant (if applying as a couple or group you will need to name a lead applicant who will act for everyone else). If you are applying as part of a group/association please click yes to question 8 and you will be taken to additional questions about groups.

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* 5. Date of birth

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* 7. Are you (or each member of your group) looking to obtain a plot of land in the Cotswold District to build a property to occupy as your main residence?

* 8. Are you applying as the lead applicant of a group/association?

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