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Please complete the below survey to help us shine a spotlight on how the recruitment industry currently attracts, retains, and treats their female talent. All data is stored anonymously.

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* 5. What % of women currently make up your company's overall staff?
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* 6. What % of women make up management positions in your business?
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* 7. What % of women make up overall recruitment consultants in your business?
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* 8. What % of women do you have on your companies board?
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* 9. What in your opinion is the biggest issue for women in the industry?

* 10. In your opinion is there a difference in pay between men and women in your business?
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* 11. Please tick whether your business currently offers the following:

* 12. What level of maternity cover and pay is your business able to offer?
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* 13. Does your business find it easy to cover maternity leave?
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* 14. How does your business approach family days, personal days, etc...?
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* 15. Finally, do you think more needs to be done to promote the following:
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* 16. Thank you for your time. If there is anything else you would like to add or comment on please use the text box below to write your thoughts.