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Thank you for taking the time to complete this very short form. 

If you know of a local product, products, producer or supplier, we want to hear from you! We love our local products we have to offer within our stores, but we know there are more amazing Local Treasures out there.. we just need someone, like you, to point us in the right direction. 

You do not need to know a lot about the product or producer you plan to recommend to us... 

If you recommend a product/producer and we begin to work with them and sell them within our Store, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a whooping £50 gift vouchers for your favourite Tout's Budgens Store...

Deadline to be in with a chance of winning £50 Store vouchers - Thursday 15th September 2016

Thank you in advance!

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* 1. What is the name of the company? (who produces your recommended product or range of products)

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* 2. What is (are) the product(s) they sell? (e.g. cheese, beers, sweets, cakes, etc)

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* 3. Where are they based? (e.g where is their factory/farm/brewery etc)

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* 4. What do you love about their product(s)?

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* 5. How did you get to know about their product(s)? (i.e where have your tried them before?)

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* 6. Please give us your contact details... if we begin working with your suggested company and you win the prize draw, we want to tell you about it!