How can we engage SMEs doing business in frontier markets with the case for doing business with integrity?

The purpose of this survey is to build a deeper understanding of the barriers and incentives for companies to do business (exporting, importing and investing) in emerging markets with integrity.

In the context of this survey, doing business with integrity means not paying or offering bribes, nor participating in any other form of corruption, and insisting local partners, agents and distributors maintain the same high standards.   It also means being vigilant for human and labour rights abuses in operations and the supply chain and taking action to eliminate it.

Data collected from this exercise will inform the development of a communications strategy to help reinforce the value of doing business with integrity as a long-term driver of commercial success in the minds of SME exporters.   

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

NB. This survey is anonymous and results will be unattributed to respondents.