Step 2

Now you have read the information about the qualification that is most suited to you and your role, we require you to complete the following questions.  Once completed please submit your answers to register your interest. When we have everyone details we will arrange an interest day at your centre where we will discuss further details and answer any questions that you may have.
Please check your inbox for the dates and times of the interest day.  (NB: Please check your junk mail is you have not heard from us within two weeks)

* 2. Please indicate if you are interested in NVQ apprenticeship training; and which of the following subjects would best suit you and your job role?

* 3. Which Hertsmere centre do you work for?

* 4. How many hours a week are you employed with Hertsmere Leisure?

* 5. Please provide your contact details so we can provide you with further information or remove you from our mailing list

* 6. What is your date of birth?