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Whilst we were unable to attend with the flood bus this week, we will seek to rearrange as soon as its possible. In the meantime, we'd still really like to hear your thoughts and so have put together a couple of questions. If you'd like to answer any or all of them, we'd really appreciate it.

If you would like to know more about the Living with Water Partnership or have any further thoughts following the survery or would like to get in touch, please visit

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* 1. We know flooding was reported here by several households in November and historically and whilst we've carried investigationswe're also looking at ways in which we can better manage surface water run off in your area and across the city. Please tell us anything about your recent experience. It would be useful to have any information about where the flood waters came from including street names eg from street drains, manholes, rising up from the ground, so that we can check this against our model.

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* 2. One of the ways in which we're looking to better manage surface water is to use green spaces to create temporary water storage areas whilst maintaining them as local amenities. Here are some examples of this idea:
Please share any ideas you have about local spaces that could be used for water storage.

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* 3. Please use this space to tell us anything else

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