In February and March Waltham Forest will be hosting its first Citizens Assembly. The assembly is focusing on stopping hate and ensuring everyone can feel equally welcome and safe in our borough. This presents a great opportunity for real innovation in deliberative democracy, by learning more from the experiences of our residents, see their views and hear their ideas for how we can address issues facing our borough.

The Citizens Assembly will work to find solutions to the following question: Waltham Forest is a diverse and vibrant borough, however hate incidents are on the rise across London. How can we work together to stop hate and ensure everyone can feel equally welcome and safe in our Borough?

We are offering residents, community groups and other stakeholders the opportunity to apply to observe the sessions. An observer can watch evidence being given, and the facilitated deliberations of the citizens.

Due to the nature of the topic, and the need to ensure candid and safe discussion, observers will not be present in the hall but will be in a separate room where the proceedings will be displayed live.
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