Please read our Consultation Draft document before answering these questions. This document can be found here

* 1. Are you answering this survey as a:

* 2. At which school are you a teacher/governor/member of staff or which school does/do your child/children attend? If you are a pupil, which school do you attend? (Please scroll down to the next question if it is not relevant to you)

* 3. What's your home postcode? (If you don't wish to give your full postcode, please let us have the first part, e.g. SY16)

* 4. Section 3 talks about 'Our Aims' as follows.

"In order to support the achievement of these aims, the council aspires to have an educational infrastructure that meets the following aims:

 ·           Provides all learners with the opportunity to achieve high standards of achievement and attainment

·           Has high quality, resilient leadership and management

·           Has high quality learning environments

·           Has a greater focus on collaboration and partnership working, in order to enable schools to provide the best possible opportunities for learners

·           Enables schools to run more efficiently

·           Increases demand for Welsh-medium provision and provides access to provision which will enable pupils to become confident Welsh speakers

·           Develops our schools into establishments that are central to community activity"

Do you agree that that these are the right aims?

* 5. In terms of Section 3, how could we improve this (if you don't Totally Agree with the content).

* 6. Section 4 talks about 'How we will achieve this' and sets out our guiding principles as follows:

"Our guiding principles for developing the schools' infrastructure until 2025 are as follows:

 ·         More secondary schools to become ‘all-through schools’, or part of multi-sited arrangements

·         More small primary schools to be part of formal collaborations / federations / amalgamations

·         Remove infant / junior split by creating ‘all-through’ primary schools

·         Strong, innovative ‘Locality Management’ models established

·         New Welsh-medium provision established / an increased number of Welsh-medium places, in order to create demand

·         All special schools to be in condition A/B buildings

·        A resilient, attractive post-16 model implemented

In terms of the guiding principles do you agree that they are the right ones?

* 7. In terms of Section 4, how could we improve this (if you don't Totally Agree with the content). Are there any other guiding principles we should include?

* 8. In Section 5, we talk about such Key Considerations as:

  • School Size;
  • Leadership;
  • The Learning Environment;
  • The Welsh Language;
  • Financial Resources;
  • Geographical Factors;
  • The Community;
  • Post-16 Provision;
  • Inclusion/Additional Learning Needs.
Do you agree that the issues we have raised are the right ones?

* 9. In terms of Section 5 , how could we improve this (if you don't Totally Agree with the content)?

* 10. Section 6 describes the work programme for this work. 

"The Schools Service’s Management Team, in conjunction with the Portfolio Holder for Education, will develop an annual work programme based on factors including, but not limited to the following:


-       Schools which meet the Welsh Government’s definition of a ‘small school’ (i.e. less than 91 pupils)

-       Priorities outlined in other policies / plans e.g. Welsh in Education Strategic Plan

-       Opportunities to establish all-through provision (to replace separate infant / junior provision or separate primary / secondary provision)

-       Headteacher vacancies

-       Requests from individual governing bodies


Following agreement of the work programme, officers from the Schools Transformation Team will initiate discussions with the school communities affected, in order to identify the best solution for each area, with governing bodies engaging with their communities in order to plan sustainable schools provision for the future. "

Do you agree with this approach?

* 11. In terms of Section 6, how could we improve this (if you don't Totally Agree with the content).

* 12. Do you have any other comments to make?

Thank you for your time, this information will be used to review this Consultation Document prior it going to the Council's Cabinet for approval.

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