Kelsall Community Centre - Improvement Survey

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In 2019, the Community Centre will have been officially open for 25 years. The current committee recognises that work needs to be done now to modernise facilities and to improve access for all, especially youngsters and those of us who are becoming less mobile as we grow older. Also remedial or replacement work is required to improve efficiency in running the centre, e.g. lighting and a few changes to upgrade the centre to current legal requirements.

The committee has a small fund built up over many years (which currently supports necessary day-to-day maintenance and also paid for less regular maintenance such as re-varnishing the hall floor and the outside redecoration). The committee is also seeking funding opportunities to deliver the improvements we believe we need. First, however, we want to know our users’ own views on what they believe needs to be done, to help us prioritise and plan the work to deliver the improvements required.

Please therefore complete the questionnaire below to indicate the strength of your support for the following improvements that we and other users and correspondents have already listed as needed. There is space at the end of the questionnaire to add your own ideas that may not have been mentioned to us. Your views and time are greatly appreciated, and we undertake to provide you feedback from the results of the survey, where possible, including proposals for the work and timescales, for further comment.

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* 1. Exterior

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Level the pavements surrounding the building.
Improve main steps leading down to the building from the Community Centre car park.
Improve steps from Chester Road down to Social Club car park.
Improve pedestrian access to the rear of the building.
Improve disabled access through the main entry to the building.
Provide disabled car parking spaces.
Improve security, e.g. by fitting more effective external lighting.