The military in Burma are the main obstacle to improving human rights, democracy and development in Burma. But instead of facing pressure to reform, almost all sanctions on them have been lifted, and they travel the world being wined and dined as honoured guests. Governments and companies are trying to win contracts to supply the Burmese military and go into business with them.

This must stop.

Burma Campaign UK is considering relaunching the ‘Dirty List’. We originally published the Dirty List back in 2002, as a way of naming and shaming and putting pressure on companies which were helping to fund the military in Burma or were linked with human rights violations. It successfully persuaded more than 100 companies to cut their links with the military.

Can you complete this short survey to help us decide if and how a new ‘Dirty List’ should operate?

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. Aung San Suu Kyi has adopted a policy of not criticising the military even when they commit human rights violations.
Should we:

* 3. A new Dirty List could be one way of highlighting ongoing abuses by the military and starting to apply more pressure on them to change. Should we:

* 4. One criteria for adding companies to the Dirty List is those companies supplying the military with equipment. Should we:

* 5. Another criteria for adding companies to a new Dirty List could be companies in joint ventures with military owned companies. However, there are concerns that if a company pulls out of a joint venture with the military it could result in jobs losses for ordinary people. Should we:

* 6. Another criteria could be companies which supply equipment and services to military owned companies. Should we include companies supplying equipment and services to military owned companies?

* 7. Some companies have invested in dams, mines or other projects which are linked to displacement, conflict, corruption, human rights violations and environmental destructions. Should we add these kinds of companies to the ‘Dirty List’?

* 8. Any further comments or suggestions:

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