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Studies have shown that people moving at walking space can avoid each other easily by recognising the actions of the other person.  As their speed increases avoiding an on coming person becomes harder.  At running or cycling speed humans can still manage to avoid each other comfortably.  However, once people are travelling above around 20mph this ability reduces dramatically.  The reason that it given is that through thousands of years of evolution people have rarely moved faster than 20mph and therefore have only evolved to be safe up to that speed.  Racing cyclists, galloping horses push beyond this limit but it is driving a vehicle that significantly increases the danger to others.

It is felt that when the urban speed limit of 30mph was introduced in 1931, had we then had the research available that we have today then the speed limit would have been set at 20mph. 

Much of Weybridge is already set at 20mph or less (some private streets are as low as 5mph) and Portmore Park has been a 20mph zone for a number of years.  We are looking to see if people would like their street reduced to 20mph.