Information sheet

Participant Information sheet

Project title: User-Centred Design of an Online Educational Tool using the Marvel Comics API.

We would like to invite you to take part in a research study. This survey contains 10 questions, 8 of which are multiple choice. It should take you 10 minutes maximum. Before you decide whether you would like to take part it is important that you understand why the research is being done and what it would involve for you. Please take time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with others if you wish. Ask us if there is anything that is not clear or if you would like more information.

I am an undergraduate student studying Business Computing Systems. I would like to invite you to take part in a research study by completing a questionnaire. Before you decide whether or not to take part, please read the following information to understand why the research is being done and what it would involve for you.

What is the purpose of the study?
This project is a part of my undergraduate course. I am interested in designing wireframes for a potential research and educational application which would use the Marvel Application Programming Interface (API). I will be following an iterative process for the project; I intend to use the questionnaire results to gather requirements for the application, design the application with wireframes, and then send these wireframes to the participant to get feedback.

Why have I been invited?
You have been invited because you are either: someone who has previously used the Marvel Comics API or someone who is interested in comics studies.

Do I have to take part?
It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part. If you do decide to take part you will be asked to tick on a box that implies your consent for us to use the data you decide to share with us. If you decide to take part you are still free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason.

The surveys will not ask for personally identifiable information.

There are no possible disadvantages and risks of taking part.

Your response will help to create detailed wireframes of a potential online educational application. The wireframes can be used to create the application at a later stage, which will benefit users who are interested in Marvel Comics, as they will be able to make use of the web application if it is turned from wireframes to a real website at a later stage. comics studies researchers (academics, students, librarians) and developers will benefit as the wireframes can give them ideas to create their own software, or improved/enhanced wireframes for similar or different applications.

Your participation in the project will remain anonymous. If you agree to take part, your name will not be recorded on the questionnaires and the information will not be disclosed to other parties. Your responses to the questions will be used for the purpose of this project. Complete anonymised datasets may be shared openly at the end of the project via an open access research data repository and as an appendix to any publications resulting from this study.

The results will be summarised and reported in a dissertation and may be submitted for publication in an academic or professional journal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: By completing the survey below, you agree that you have read this information sheet and give your consent for the results, and further feedback (if you choose to give your e-mail for question 9) to be used for this project.

This survey will stop collecting responses on 1st April 2017 at 17:00 BST.

For further information please contact my supervisor at

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age group?

* 3. What is your main ethnicity?

* 4. If there were a online searchable database of Marvel Comics, what kind of information would you expect to be provided from the tool? Information about:

  Not interested at all Not interested Interested Very interested
Individual comics
Comics series
Story arcs
Comics creators
Historical events or periods

* 5. How would you like to search for this information?

* 6. Would you like to use Boolean operators (AND/OR)?

* 7. What type of interface would you prefer for the educational online tool?

* 8. Would you be interested in a mobile version of the application?

* 9. At a later stage, a set of wireframes of an educational application can be sent to you via e-mail for your feedback. If you are happy with reviewing these and sending feedback, please enter your e-mail address below.
(We will not share your contact details with anyone else).

* 10. If you have any other comments, please enter them below: