Background and context

In May 2017, Disability Equality Scotland conducted a national survey on behalf of Transport Scotland.  This was a baseline survey to allow us to gather information about disabled peoples’ experiences of travelling on public transport.  The survey gave us lots of useful information, and some that we want to find out more about.

This is a short survey about transport issues that affect rural areas. Rural areas are not towns or cities. These areas are sometimes called "the country" or "countryside". People who live "in the country" often live in small villages, but they might also live somewhere where there are no other houses nearby.

Transport in rural areas can be a lifeline for many people.  However, the frequency and cost of the transport service can also be a barrier for some.

This survey is intended to find out more about these specific issues. Feedback from this survey will be passed directly to Transport Scotland, although your personal details will remain confidential and anonymous.

Please respond to this survey using your experience of rural areas.

We will be hosting an event in early 2018 to talk about the findings of this survey.  The event will bring together disabled people and transport providers to discuss the issues in rural areas.