About this Survey

This survey is being undertaken by the Irish Sea Maritime Forum. It is being supported by the University of Liverpool which is helping the ISMF to look to the future and the changing context of the Irish Sea in the 2020s. For more information on the ISMF see www.irishseamaritimeforum.org
The purpose of the survey is to develop a comprehensive picture of the future for the Irish Sea and its communities on a whole Irish Sea scale by asking:
  • What are the current and future issues and challenges?
  • What are the current and future opportunities?
  • What new legislation/policy, etc., is in place or due to be enacted?
  • Which issues have gained new prominence?
  • What key projects are taking place around the Irish Sea?
  • What recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic might mean for the Irish Sea and its communities both in terms of challenges and opportunities?
The survey draws on previous Irish Sea Maritime Forum research and workshop outputs but many things have changed over recent years including:
  • Improvements to the marine protected area network across the Irish Sea
  • Implementation of marine planning
  • The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union
  • A renewed focus on global challenges such as climate change, invasive species and plastics in the marine environment
We will use the information collected to:
  • Extend understanding of what makes the Irish Sea special for those who use it or live around it.
  • Produce a report looking to the future and responding to the changing context of the Irish Sea in the 2020s
  • Showcase current project work and future project opportunities around the Irish Sea via inclusion of projects on the ISMF website (with your consent)
  • Provide evidence of the benefits of trans-national multi-sector stakeholder partnership work
  • Supply evidence for a University of Liverpool Impact Case Study* (with your consent)
We will report on the survey findings at the Irish Sea Maritime Forum’s 2021 conference which will take place on the Isle of Man (NB date not yet fixed due to current uncertainties around the Covid-19 pandemic).
*The University of Liverpool is currently conducting an Impact Case Study which includes work on the Irish Sea Maritime Forum and projects which have benefited in some way from the Forum’s existence, e.g. by bringing partners together, networking, or funding or other workshops. Impact Case Studies show how the research work of higher education establishments has had an effect on, changed or provided benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.

Privacy: We respect your privacy and rights under the General Data Protection Regulations. Details given to take part in this survey will only be kept in relation to this survey and may be used to aid analysis, but results will be anonymised. There are some questions where you can opt in to allow us to use information you supply in a way that might enable identification, e.g. through including project details on the ISMF website, but there is no requirement for you to agree to this use. At the end of the survey you can opt in to be included on the ISMF database and receive updates on our work - but this is entirely your choice. If you have any concerns about the ethical use or storage of the information provided please contact info@irishseamaritimeforum.org

Question Title

* 1. Would you like to know more about the background to the survey and the Irish Sea Maritime Forum?