Choose your activity

Project Week will involve you working on 2 projects, each lasting two days. The projects will be something new and interesting, involving a trip out of school as well as you achieving new skills along the way. All of these activities will be completely free and give you an opportunity to work with local companies and perhaps start to think about future opportunities and careers.
You will then be able to choose a 'big trip' for Monday 23rd July.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Form

* 4. Choose two activities from the list below.

* 5. Choose two reserve activities from the list below. (They cannot be the same as above)

* 6. Choose a trip to go on (all money has to be paid by Friday 25th May 2018) Please remember that your behaviour and conduct will be monitored and failure to uphold the school's high expectations may result in you being removed from a trip without a refund being possible.